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My name is Golovca Valentin and I started swimming at the age of 7, and since then and until now my passion for this sport cannot be described in words. After 12 years of experience in competitive swimming, with rankings on the highest steps of the podium both nationally and internationally, I decided to withdraw from the competition scene and step behind it in order to help and guide them. those who want to practice this sport. I was a student in a high school with a sports program, after which I obtained the instructor certificate, and in the following years, driven by the same passion, I continued to improve my knowledge, finishing the bachelor's program "Sports and Motor Performance" at the University National Institute of Physical Education and Sports Bucharest, where I am currently continuing my studies in the master's program.

I am calm and I like to teach in a way that is as warm as possible and easy to understand for both advanced as well as for beginners. I can't wait to meet you.