Swim Factory at World Class Downtown

Locatie si preturi

Suntem prezenti la bazinele de inot World Calss Downtown, in apropiere de Hotel Raddison Blu, pe Calea Victoriei 63-81, București,  Sector 1, cod: 010065. Este o locatie usor de gasit, in apropiere de Ateneul Roman, Muzeul National de Arta sau Palatul Regal din Bucuresti, intr-o zona foarte centrala si activa; plina de cultura si traditii, cu multa voie buna, perfecta pentru activitati sportive!

Intructorul nostru pe care il veti gasi in aceasta locatie este:

Va rugam sa il contactati oricand, de Luni pana Vineri intre orele 12.00 si 21.00, sau Sambata intre orele 09.00 si 12.00. Duminica ne odihnim!

Preturile pentru aceasta locatie:

Membri World Class (parinti care au abonament World Class):

  • 1 sedinta individuala - 25 Euro
  • 4 sedinte grupa - 88€ / 4 sedinte individual - 88€
  • 8 sedinte grupa - 160€ / 8 sedinte individual - 160€
  • 16 sedinte grupa - 288€ / 16 sedinte individual - 288€ (abonamentul este valabil 2 luni)

Non-Membri World Class:

  • 1 sedinta individuala - 30 euro
    4 sedinte grupa - 100€ / 4 sedinte individual - 100€
    8 sedinte grupa - 184€ / 8 sedinte individual - 184€
    16 sedinte grupa - 320€ / 16 sedinte individual - 320€ (abonamentul este valabil 2 luni)

Pentru informatii suplimentare, sugestii si reclamatii va rugam sa contactati direct presedintele clubului, Sergiu Denis Deznan, pe adresa de email contact@swimfactory.ro sau la numarul de telefon 0752 183 685.

Orar Swim Factory - World Class Downtown

Luni - Vineri:
- 12.00 - 21.00 (la 20.00 fiind ultimul curs)

- 09.00 - 13.00 (la 12.00 fiind ultimul curs)

- inchis.

World Class Downtown - receptie - SwimFactory

World Class Downtown - bazin - SwimFactory

World Class Downtown - sala - SwimFactory

What is the subscription validity of a pass?
Passes have a valid period for 1 month - enough time to complete the number of classes required. Cancellations are required two weeks before the next payment date of the new subscription to stop the lessons at the end of the month. This is necessary in order to plan correctly the remaining hours left for the pass.
Why it’s important for parents to watch the swimming class?
Parents who observe the child at the class have an important role in building their child's trust, praising their efforts after finishing the swimming lesson. Also, as a safety measure, parents must supervise the other brothers who are not in the pool.
Why SWIM FACTORY does not teach kids at the beginner levels to swim with the swimbelt?
Swimbelt gives small children a false sense of security and trust in water. Our teaching program is designed to teach children to swim with their own body weight. We believe it is safer for child to be prudent in water while building their trust in water.
What is the appropriate level for my child?
Swimmers at each level will have similar skills, age and standard based on swimming assessment. Children are continuously assessed to fit the suitable level. Coaches do not wait until the end of the deadline/month/program to complete the evaluations. Swimmers will be placed immediately to the next level if they are ready. If the swimmer needs to be moved to a different level, the parents will be notified by the swimming teacher to reschedule the class.
What to bring with me at the swimming pool?
You will need a bathing suit (in the case of MS and MRS it is recommended to have a full swim suit), towel, slippers for the pool, swimming hat, swimming goggles (the water is treated with chlorine and goggles will protect your eyes). Children are encouraged to wear protective goggles and swimmers at the upper levels are advised to bring a bottle of water with them.
Why should I continue with the swimming lessons during the winter time?
We encourage year-round participation in all our programs. Children and adults need to continue swimming throughout the winter for not losing the skills they have learned during the hours and for developing their muscles. A prolonged break often leads to a decrease of the skill levels.It is much more effective when there is a consistent and ongoing preparation schedule.

Our Instructors from World Class Downtown

Maria Pătru
Sunt o fire empatica, sensibila și serioasa. Îmi place sportul, imi place sa lucrez cu oameni, iar datorită staturii mele minione, copii ma îndrăgesc :)