Sergiu Denis Deznan

Sergiu Denis Deznan
Founder of Swim Factory
+4 0752183685

I'm Sergiu. One of the teachers and founder of Swim Factory. And because I love this activity and I wanted to set up this place, I wanted to say a few words about myself and the Swim Factory team.

My passion for swimming began when I was a child and did not diminish even today. Throughout my sporting career, I am proud to have won gold in dozens of competitions, but most importantly, I have discovered friends who have made this experience perhaps the most beautiful feeling I've ever met.

Continue to swim regularly and want to share my experience with others. Swimming helped me to live beyond fears that were unbeatable, to be ambitious, to be indulgent, to find the courage to try any challenge with the conviction that I would succeed.

I love the kids and work with them and adults who want to learn to swim and improve their skills in water. That's why we set up Swim Factory because I want to help both children, adults learn to swim with pleasure, safe and love this sport, very beneficial to body and mind. Satisfaction with teaching children to swim is an extraordinary feeling. They place great emphasis on values ​​such as understanding, mutual support, support, respect for the teammate and the teacher, values ​​that we cultivate together every hour of swimming.

I hope that parents whose children attend Swim Factory's swimming courses will realize these values ​​and that with the pleasure of swimming, these life lessons are important to their children. Children learn by copying the behaviors of their parents, psychology teaches us this. I often see our children copying the movements that parents do and reminds me of how much they learn from us just by watching and mimicking our movements. They learn from an early age. I feel extremely proud to see that our swimmers in the past are doing great things, whether they are in or near the pool. For example, we have a child who, at the early age of 3 and a half, already swims alongside those of the performance (who exceed it as much age) in the 50-meter basin. The future promises a champion.

Swim Factory spreads its wings and has a clear goal to learn and conveys the pleasure of swimming. We look forward to learning as many children or adults as possible of this valuable skill throughout life.