Oana Abigaille Deznan

Oana Abigaille Deznan Swimcoach
Swim Coach
+4 0742563803

Oana is a sensitive, serious person, she loves sports and children. Openness to learn and with the desire to share his knowledge with future "champions" who come after her. With 12 years of experience in performance swimming, and later a graduate of the CNFPA Bucharest swimming instructor course and a graduate of the Faculty of "Physical Education and Sports" Arad, where she lived a beautiful experience in Portugal with the help of the Erasmus program , where he had the opportunity for the first time to display his knowledge as a swimming instructor. She is also trained in first aid and has real skills in teaching children to communicate with the swimming instructor with great confidence.

The connection between the instructor and the student helps exponentially in learning the skills that lead to a behavior of being "a dolphin in the water".